Announcing the New Moon fragilis award!


Every New Moon, we will be awarding a fragilis award to our favorite person, product, procedure, etc. that represents the deepest depths of domestication!

What exactly is a fragilis?

I propose a re-designation of ourselves from the currently accepted H. sapiens sapiens to the new Homo sapiens domesticofragilis — meaning wise, fragile, domesticated man. Of course, at first glance this appears tongue-in-cheek, as if I were simply making a sarcastic quip. However, closer examination of the data indicates that when compared against still intact foraging peoples, we moderns are quite fragile indeed. Be it the lack of physical robustness — a distinctly reduced ability to tolerate temperature extremes for example — or simply our tendency towards early degeneration — the diseases of civilization, i.e. diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. — modern humans are undeniably far more delicate than our ancestors. While some might argue that domesticogracilis would be more fitting, again I would assert that it is fragility that characterizes us, as gracility implies a kind of gracefulness that is not indicative of most "moderns".

And now onto our fragilis winner for this New Moon!

When we came across this story, we knew it deserved to be awarded the first fragilis. Steven Spielberg posted the above photo of himself on the set of Jurassic Park on his Facebook page. Rapid fire commenting ensued, but not what you would think. Countless commenters thought that Spielberg had actually killed a living Triceratops...!

This article sums it up best, but here is a snapshot to show you some of the best comments:

Pretty hilarious, right?!

What have you come across lately that is just sooo fragilis? Share in the comments below to help us choose next New Moon's winner!