The Cosmic Shaman, Santy Claus Interview

Hello & Happy Solstice!

I'd like to share a recent festive interview I did with The Reconnected Human Podcast called "The Christmas Special with Daniel Vitalis: The Cosmic Shaman, Santy Claus."  This was a fun one!  I dive into the depths of the origin of Christmas...where few dare to tread.  I promise it won't disappoint!

Here's what we delve into:

-Why you should set intentions on the Winter Solstice as opposed to New Year's Day

-The importance of syncing up with natural time

-Connection between astrological events and religious holidays

-The real story behind St. Nick and his "flying" reindeer

Click below to have a listen!

*Update 12/2014* Reconnected Human re-released this podcast with a new introduction! You can listen to the newest version here.

I'd like to give you a poem to ponder during this season of gift-giving:

The past is history.  The future is a mystery.  Now is a gift we give ourselves called the present.  

I am on vacation through the end of this year, but will be back in action in the New Year.  I have big things in store for 2014!  So stay tuned!

On this upcoming Winter Solstice, I encourage you to reflectre-calibrate and create.

To your health, ReWilders!