How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Hormone Health in 4 Simple Steps

Greetings ReWilders! Have you been enjoying my interview series with Extreme Health Radio? My latest interview with them called "How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Hormone Health in 4 Simple Steps!" is now available!

Are you interested in rebuilding your hormones naturally? Then this interview is for you!  You will hear me discuss how to build a foundation in your life that supports the glandular systems of the body as well as the endocrine systems, creating healthy hormone balance.

This is not about running to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. This is about changing our lifestyle so that it is encouraging our hormonal health, rather than depleting it.

Many of my suggestions for building a strong foundation for hormonal health don't even include supplements! Most of it is lifestyle related, but I do go over how to create a supplementation plan that supports your systems in remaining balanced.

The main keys for hormonal health that we will discuss are:

- Getting the right amount of sleep

- Increasing Vitamin D levels

- Lowering the Stress in our lives

- Creating a supplementation plan that supports your hormonal health

I really enjoy my interviews with Extreme Health radio because I have the opportunity to go into areas that are usually too in depth for most radio shows. There is some new and more comprehensive information here, especially regarding the physiology of respiration, and there is much more to come!

Click below to listen in!

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