Watch Hungry For Change for FREE! (and other upcoming 2012 happenings ;)

It was a tremendous honor to be a part of the new documentary film "Hungry For Change".   Click here to see the full length film for FREE between now and March 31st! The film exposes the myths and mistruths that the diet-fad and processed food industries have perpetrated on a mis-educated populace for so many years.  We are now awakening from the last few decades of over-fed / under-nourished slumber and collectively reclaiming our Sovereign Health! This film is a beautiful depiction of how that is happening.  I really feel that this movie has the potential to make some real change in the lives of people you know, so please turn your friends and loved ones onto it as well!

Join me on my upcoming radio show with Patrick Timpone on March 29th at 10 am EST.  I will be talking about everything from the "best foods available in the super-market" to the "worst food that people are eating today".  We will also be talking about footwear, and why I am such a fan of five-toed shoes!  This will be a fun call, and Patrick is never shy about taking me into edgy and interesting territory!  You can check out lots of my past interviews with him (as well as hundreds of other amazing guests) in his extensive audio archives.

Also, special thanks to my friends at Evolver for inviting me to be a part of the Visionary Nutrition project, beginning on April 8th with my interview, where I will be teaching about the role of psychoactive plants in the human ecological and dietary niche. Homo sapiens have a long and rich history with psychoactive plant medicines, and they have always been a part of our traditional diets.  What role do psychoactive's play today, and if they are no longer represented in our food supply, is it possible that we can become "alkaloid deficient"?  This online workshop will delve deeply into human domestication and the affects of an alkaloid-poor diet.  Click here to learn more about this upcoming online event.

I will be speaking in Washington, DC at the Take Back Your Health Conference on April 14th and 15th! Please come visit me and the SurThrival team, and support this important East Coast event!  I will be talking about ReWilding and Transcending Human Domestication, and how we can stay strong, healthy, and actively-fit for a lifetime in a world that constantly pushing us towards a deeper state of domestication.  Come learn how this April!

Please take a few minutes to check out the "ReWild Yourself" skills event that I am hosting in Maine in the late summer of 2012!  This is going to be a very special weekend, featuring talks by both Arthur Haines and myself, as well as introductions to several earth based SurThrival skills.  My close friend Frank Giglio will be creating all of our meals throughout the weekend using the freshest local, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients.

The last two weekend events we hosted in Maine turned out to be game-changers for nearly everyone involved.  Not just for the participants, but also for the facilitators.  After years of hosting events and retreats, we have learned what powerful transformational tools these kinds of workshops can be.  We strive to put on events that can nourish the body, inform the mind, and touch the spirit.  I really hope you make the commitment to join us there!

Because we will be teaching actual skills on the land, we must limit the class size in order to ensure that each student experiences an attentive learning environment.  If you are thinking of coming, secure your space soon because this workshop will fill! You can find all the details and register here.

But Wait...  Theres More!

Check out my coming events page to see more of what I am up to in 2012, and how you can come be a part of it!

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