Pine Pollen Book now available!

Greetings ReWilder's! I am really excited to announce the release of the new book  "Pine Pollen, Ancient Medicine for A New Millennium",  by Stephen Harrod Buhner.  I had the privilege of both publishing this book as well as writing the foreword, and am very excited to see it added  to the existing herbal literature.


This project began a few years back when I read Stephen's outstanding book "The Natural Testosterone Plan".  Actually, I was reading a few of his books and found myself particularly spellbound by the section on Pine Pollen and its incredible androgenic effects.  My company, SurThrival, became the first to bring a fully developed Pine Pollen product line to the natural foods market place in North America.  I had met Stephen at a workshop he gave in British Columbia (here is an interview I did with him) and having become friends, asked if he would be willing to collaborate with myself and the SurThrival team on a Pine Pollen herbal-monograph. Stephen, having studied Pine Pollen extensively, had much to share on the subject.  The results are his latest book which you can find here.


Stephen was sure to include extensive sections on the historical use of Pine Pollen in various traditional medicine systems, its chemistry, as well as its androgen profile, dosages for use, and yes...  Even how you can harvest your own!  The entire book is extensively footnoted so that you can access the scientific literature from which so much of this information has been compiled.

The following is a short excerpt from the opening pages of the book:

"Although the Western world has been undergoing its greatest herbal renaissance in over a century the medicinal actions of trees are often overlooked, perhaps none more so than pine. Given the drive for new plant medicines and the continual search for a new herb-of-the-day that will simulate excitement in the general populace (e.g. rhodiola, maca), it is astonishing that pine has been unrecognized for so long. This is particularly perplexing since the pollen of pine trees has been used for millennia in China and Korea as both food and a particularly powerful tonic and adaptogen, especially for the elderly.

Thousands of Chinese herbs have entered the Western pharmacopoeia; the earliest and best known is perhaps ginseng. Pine pollen, given its potency, its similarity to ginseng in some of its actions, and its status as, perhaps, the premier phytoandrogen on the planet, should have been recognized long before now as the powerful medicinal it is. This monograph is intended to remedy that oversight and help establish it as one of the most important medicinals in the herbalist’s repertory."  - Stephen Harrod Buhner

I suspect you will all enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed being a part of it.  Stephen, in addition to being a prolific writer on herbal craft and lore, is a poet and word-smith par excellence.

To your health and prosperity,