ReWilding: Tips & Tricks for Strengthening Our Epigenetic Health

Tune into Daniel's next interview on the One Radio Network on November 10th called "ReWilding, Tips & Tricks for Strengthening Our Epigenetic Health"!  This is a FREE interview - Call in to  listen live at 10 a.m. EST (9 a.m. CST & 8 a.m. PST).  Click the banner below to tune in or listen to the recorded version! On this interview, Daniel will be speaking about his latest research into the reclassification of modern humans as a new subspecies.  It is a wild new idea that comes from the effects our modern lifestyle has had on our epi-genome and our health.  Because our epi-genetics are influenced by everything in our environment, the lifestyle we have lived has shaped us into some new and all together different creature.  The concept of "rewilding" is about recreating or replicating some of our natural conditions to make us healthier and more robust.  Daniel will be sharing tips on the kinds of things a person can do to rewild themselves and what it could mean to our health.

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