Sovereign Dental Health, a 6 Part Strategy

Hello Friends, Welcome (or welcome back) and thanks again for stopping by.  My last few videos have been focused on sharing some Sovereign Self-Healthcare strategies that I have been developing and employing for some time now.  It has been really exciting to share these with you all, and for me it feels like a timely message, given the considerable distrust and dissatisfaction so many of us have been feeling for mainstream "medicine" in recent years.

Many of us have taken our diets and nutrition into our own hands, though when it comes to personal health care, few of us have really stepped out and away from the entrenched medical system's doctor/dentist treatment, and the role we play in it as "patient" (from the Latin meaning "suffering").

This current video is a 6 part dental health and maintenance strategy that has replaced the role of dentistry in my life.  It has been many years since I have seen a dentist (I was 12 the last time I can remember having an appointment with one), and as it is with so many aspects of living, I have found it far more rewarding to take care of myself, rather than turning my health over to others. Especially those "quacks" — originally a term reserved for dentists who employed mercury amalgam fillings — with less than shiny-white histories (e.g. fluoride, mercury, etc).

The world of "modern medicine", to include modern dentistry, seems far less interested in our health than it does in furthering its quasi-scientific agendas, human experimentation, and profit driven procedures.  For this reason I will continue to promote Sovereign Self-health Care Strategies here at

ReWild Yourself! This doesn't refer to behaving wildly, or  giving up your standards of personal conduct, rather it means "Shed your Domesticator"!

This video is for all of you who celebrate being grown-ups, and are unafraid to raise yourselves up and out of the near ubiquitous neoteny that is now standard in the epi-genome in our "modernized" population.

This video comes on the heels of the last video we released, which details how to make the toothpaste that is used in this dental care strategy.  Please keep in mind that this toothpaste, in addition to providing the mild abrasive qualities we have become accustomed to in our commercially available toothpaste preparations, is designed to pull toxic cations out of the body, and to be an aid in our overall radio-protection strategy (protection from radioactive isotopes).


For those of you who are interested in going deeper, I would highly recommend an e-book by my good friend Nadine Artemis called "Successful Self-Dentistry, how to avoid the dentist without ignoring your teeth". This e-book is very comprehensive, and empowers us to take our dental health into our own hands for a lifetime.

We are now getting ready for Ancestral Ignition, a workshop that myself and some good friends are hosting here at my home in Maine, September 16th - 18th, 2011.  The main focus of this retreat is to share the ancient and ancestral skill of aboriginal friction fire with all of those who attend.  We really believe that stewardship of this ancient fire-craft is valuable for many reasons, not the least of which is the carrying on of what is one of our most ancient and fundamental human technologies.

Our ability to generate and maintain fire is a powerful thing indeed, so it is our intention to pass on not just the skill, but the ethics of stewardship as well.

We also feel privileged to share the basics of fire-craft with our friends and clients because so many of us were never taught how to properly or efficiently build or maintain a fire.  I certainly wasn't, growing up in the 1980's American Dream.  In fact, learning to properly construct and burn a fire has meant far more to me than just having another survival skill.  It has connected me with one of the essential practices that makes us human.

This workshop will be fully catered with organic, local food, prepared by Chef Frank Giglio, who is one of my best friends and a truly culinary mentor of mine.

Check out the video below to hear more about Ancestral Ignition, and to see acclaimed botanist, author, and my foraging and aboriginal skills guide and all around friend, Arthur Haines, make a fire with a primitive tool known as the bow drill.

If you are interested in joining us, or learning more about Ancestral Ignition please contact us at

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