Looking for Some Inexpensive Radiation Detoxification?

Greetings and thanks for visiting! Your time here is very appreciated.  The video that accompanies this blog post is a two part strategy breaking down how you can inexpensively and easily begin protecting yourself from the long-lived radio isotopes, which have now become a regular part of our habitat.  This began 65 years ago, and has become particularly disconcerting in the last few months since the damage to the Japanese facility at Fukushima.

I am also including here the two links that I mention in the video.  The first is an amazing visualization that shows all of the nuclear detonations that have happened on Earth since 1946.  Hint...  its over 2000!

The second is a documentary called Trinity, and it shows with nothing less than truly epic footage, the history of these tests. This, if you have time, is a must see!  Very disturbing, but strangely entrancing...  I guess that is the nature of this technology.

The reason I share these videos and information is to demonstrate that the issues with radiation did not begin Fukushima, or even with Chernobyl, but with the "silent" nuclear war that has already happened on Earth.

So what do we do?  This video is about the strategies that I have been employing since the Japan disaster earlier this year.  Knowing what I know now, I wish I had started the day I came into this world.  Regardless, taking actions like these has put me at considerable ease about the radio-isotopes in our environment.  This allows me to operate without fear, but remain in a dominant emotion of confidence.

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Thats all for now, though I eagerly await your comments, so please let me know what you would like to see future videos on!

Thank You for taking the time.  Keep SurThriving!