How to make your own Detoxifying Toothpaste, and details on my annual trip to Peru

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Would you like to make your own toothpaste for self-dentistry and detoxification?

The video below is an installment in dental health sovereignty.  It has been working very well for me, and it just might work for you too.

For years I have been looking for the right toothpaste for my home self-dentistry, and have experimented with a great many things.  From "organic" store-bought toothpaste brands, to tooth soaps and powders, and even aboriginal "chew sticks" — nothing has been the right fit for my self-dentistry needs.

I have now arrived at a strategy that is really working wonders for me, and I feel could really work for you too.  This video is the first part of that strategy, the rest of which I am eager to share with you in full over the next few weeks.

How I arrived at this...

As I began experimenting with tissue detoxification using Zeolites and Clay, it dawned on me that these, when rendered into a fine flour-like powder, have just the right amount of abrasiveness to take the place of the toothpaste I had grown up with.

This video details how you can make your own, and at a very low price at that.  In fact, if you know where to look, you could get everything you would need for making all the toothpaste you would use for the rest of your life for probably under $100!

Best of all, you can swallow this toothpaste, which yields all of the amazing health benefits of these detoxifying earth compounds.  In particular I am referring to zeolites ability to perform cation exchange — CEC or Cation Exchange Capacity is the term used in physics- which is its ability to electrically bind positively charged ions (heavy metals, radio-isotopes, etc) whilst trading out (in exchange) beneficial cations like potassium or calcium.  The toxic cations are then transported out of our bodies, along with the zeolite powder in our bowel movement.  The case with clay is very similar, though the phenomena in this case is referred to as adsorption, which is also an electrical binding, but in this case to the surface of the clay particle and without the accompanying exchange of a cation.

Keep in mind that this practice, consuming clay and other earth compounds, is perhaps one of the oldest of all human behaviors.  It has been practiced around the world and is present in virtually all pre-industrial populations.  Evidence for this has been found in archeological sites that predated our current human form, and anthropological surveys have found that it lives on in societies around the world today.  Actually, it is common to nearly all mammals, and in particular to broad ranging herbivores.  The behavior is termed "geophagy", and is unquestionably part of the species-specific diet of human beings.  From my perspective, it appears that a diet that lacks the geophagy pattern could not be called a "natural diet" at all, as it would essentially be deficient in these all-important compounds.  Below is a link to one of the best books I have read on the subject.


Most of us were taught to spit our toothpaste out, which, given the host of less-than-beneficial ingredients (particularly fluoride) is pretty sound advice.  With this home-made clay or zeolite toothpaste, the goal is indeed to swallow it, moving it into the intestine where it can go to work mopping up industrial and nuclear debris that has bioaccumulated in our tissues.

When this clay or zeolite consumption is combined with sauna therapy (this dual approach is the subject of my last video), we arrive at a very effective life-long detoxification strategy that really works, and is easy to implement.


This second video is about my August 4th, 11 day tour of Peru, for which I have just a few openings left.

If you are looking for a riveting adventure, are interested in Peruvian shamanism, amazonian biology, visiting Machu Pichu, or just wanting to soak in a rain forest hotspring, this trip might be for you.  We are less than a month away, so if you would like to join us — by us I mean the very amazing and interesting group of people who have assembled for this trip — contact Jeannette at, and check out the 11 day 10 night itinerary here.  It is exciting to see who takes the plunge and comes along!

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