Invincible Health at the Kripalu Center

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Hello Friends, Join me in Western Massachusetts's celebrated Kripalu Center May 20th - 22nd for our Invincible Health workshop, a weekend of inspiration, invigoration, and community building with other's who share your passions, your insights, and your lifestyle.

What an opportunity it is for me to spend three days with you amidst Kripalu's gorgeous spring settings, with its wonderful food and renowned staff.  Three days gives us time to deeply explore the lifestyle that is the theme of this workshop.

There is so much I am excited to share, from creating and implementing a healthy and well developed natural diet, to finding the cleanest and purest water available to keep your body hydrated. From creating healthy habitat within your own home, to protecting yourself from the radioactive fallout that is, even now, blanketing the northern hemisphere.  This will be a robust and fully developed workshop covering hundreds of aspects of personal health sovereignty, loaded with tips, techniques, and strategies for those of us who are ushering in the new paradigm on earth.

I am expecting this to be a very intimate event, with lots of time for personal exchanges, questions and answers, and exploration of territory that isn't always easy to cover in a one night talk.

Today I have been considering what an honor it is to be a part of this great change that is taking place here on our planet, and in ourselves.  I truly believe that the generations alive today are uniquely positioned as the gate keepers of an emerging world.

That said, each of us faces innumerable challenges to our health everyday, from the simple habituated patterns that have been passed on to us from the generations past, to more complex issues like genetically modified foods and radioactive fallout that have emerged more recently as a result of our rapidly developing technologies.  We all require training and education in order to successfully navigate a transitioning world that sometimes seems -strangely- designed to corrupt our health, our values, and even our will.


What if there was a lifestyle that protected your health, increased your ability to express your personal potential, kept your body clear of industrial, agricultural, radioactive and genetic pollution, protected your fertility, your stamina, your libido, and increased your will and desire to care for all of life?  I really believe there is such a lifestyle, and living it is so much more exciting and rewarding than the life that most of us were born to.


In fact, not only does this lifestyle exist, I feel that many apects of  it will be as common to people in the coming decades as taking a shower or brushing your teeth is today.  In fact, aspects of it will have to be implemented if we are to continue to inhabit this world. For instance, methods for removing radioactive isotopes from our body fat, muscles and bones, pcb's and other industrial chemicals from our lipid stores, and keeping genetically modified bio-pollutants out of our bodies will become as common place as removing plaque from your teeth or dirt from beneath your fingernails.  They will have to, as these things are rapidly destroying the integrity of our immune systems, our ability to reproduce, and even riddling our bodies with cancers.  For us to continue, for us to clean up the mess we have collectively made, we will have to, as a species, choose to walk down a new path.  Many of us already have, and are.

Eating well grown local food, drinking clean, fresh water, breathing clean and uncontaminated air, and receiving brilliant sunlight on our skin will once again become the norm, and again, this just might come about -for many at least- out of necessity before want.  We do not and will not have any other options left.  The lifestyle that dominates the "developed world" today is wreaking havoc on our immunity, our endocrine systems, our neurology, our physiology and even our psychology.

If you are reading this, I assume you are part of the change that is coming, and I commend you.  If you would like to deepen your training, move further down this path, develop skills that can protect and nourish you and the generations to come, please consider joining us May 20th-22nd in the Berkshire Mountains.

Lets explore the awakening, forge a path into the new paradigm together, and let's do it in a place as beautiful as this.

Here is a little bit more information on the event, as well as the Kripalu Center itself.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you there,