SurThrival into the 21st Century


Adaptation: the process by which an organism becomes better suited to its environment.  

And now its more important than ever!

I believe we are standing on the edge of a truly profound event horizon, one that holds within its grasp the seed of the greatest human evolutionary renaissance since our species first emerged into the world some 200,000 years ago.

More than ever before, every choice we make, each and every action we take is leading us onward to thrive or downward to our own demise.

Our environment is changing faster than our minds can keep pace with, and this change is pressuring our biology to adapt at what are now nearly break neck speeds.

Oil in the seas, nuclear fallout spreading across the globe, shortages of food, genetic and degenerative disease, antibiotic resistant infectious agents, mass extinctions, epidemic infertility, genetic modification, electro-smog, etc, ad infinitum.

Can any of us adapt fast enough?  I believe some can, and whats more, that some will.

The question remains, what will separate those who go on to inherit the Earth from those who's genes will fade into the recess of geologic history.

Those who remain will have to be more than survivors, they will be SurThrivalists.

The SurThriver understands the health challenges inherent in our modern world, and yet chooses to Thrive despite them. He or She has the ability to witness events like those that recently struck Japan, and while maintaining a sense of empathy and compassion, takes the necessary steps to protect themselves, their health, and that of those they love.

The SurThrivalist differs from the Survivalist in that they operate from a place of love and recognition of the inherent bounty of the natural world.  The SurThriver believes in and aligns themselves with Life.  The survivalist too often operates from a place of fear and uncertainty.  Survival is bare minimum, SurThrival is abundant, and even opulent.

Make no mistake, we stand before the greatest evolutionary event our species has ever known.  Now is the time - our time - to seize this opportunity and sail it into the future!

In full honesty, I don't believe that most of — or even many of — the human beings alive today will carry forth their genetic material into the future.  In fact, it seems to me that the only humans who will be able to inhabit this planet soon will be those who have developed and implemented strategies to thrive in this brave new polluted planetary ecology.  In other words, those who can keep their bodies clean and detoxified, nourished and healthy, no matter what the level of contamination.

What does all this mean?  It seems to be some kind of natural (or perhaps unnatural) selection.

Natural Selection is a simple enough concept.  Those individuals who are more adapted to a particular environment will be healthier and will produce more offspring than those less suited to an environment.  In the environment we now live in, with its extremes of climate, toxic foods, petro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polluted air and water, etc, only those who have developed strong, wise, and strategic methods for thriving will be able to carry forth their genetic material and live through this phase of history to populate the new and coming world.

I believe in us, I believe in our ability as a species to make it through even the most challenging times.  We are up against something so much more powerful than any natural disaster, we are up against our selves.  We have created a world so very far outside of the balances of natural law and it is now time that each one of us reestablishes a new equilibrium within ourselves.  It might not be easy, though that doesn't mean it can't be exciting — and yes... maybe even fun.

I will be teaching a three day workshop at the Kripalu institute in western Massachusetts May 20-22nd of 2011, called Invincible Health, the intention of which is to develop in each participant a strong desire to Thrive combined with the knowledge necessary to take their health into their own hands with poise and grace.  You can find the details of that event here.

We will be covering a very comprehensive lifestyle approach that can — and I believe will — give one the confidence to step into the world each day with a sense of abundant growth, rather and fear and uncertainty.

Food, Water, Air, and Sunlight, are the critical elements for nourishing our bodies, and we will be covering these topics in depth.  Chemical and Radiation exposure, EMF's, xeno-estrogens, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and a host of other health pitfalls will also be addressed to ensure that each participant can protect and detoxify themselves from these safely and adequately.  We will literally cover healthful living from conception to the grave and beyond.  I promise a profound and moving experience in this workshop.

This workshop is the three days long, just enough time to share an entire, coherent, and well organized method for insuring your SurThrival into the 21st century, and I am feeling very honored for the opportunity to do so.  Please consider joining me there next month.  We have priced this event very resonably, and I look forward to sharing a message of empowerment, resolve, wisdom, and health with all who attend.

Keep SurThriving, the world is your inheritance.