Join Me In Costa Rica March 13th - 20th!

See you in Costa Rica!

What are you doing this March?

Nice new backpack

Happy New Year, both Solar (winter solstice) and Gregorian (Jan 1st)!

I am home in Maine, and gearing up for the headlong plunge into the frigid depths of another New England winter!  I get so excited every time it snows here, and though some people find it challenging to live through this kind of cold and dark, I must say that even more than loving it,  I am fascinated by it.  Watching the season change, feeling the solar low just before we emerge into the spring, seeing the tracks of the animals who move like ghosts through this icy, crystalline landscape, all of this brings out the wonder of a child in me!

That doesn't mean I don't appreciated a reprieve, and a chance to charge up my blood with Vitamin D from the Equatorial Sun just before spring begins (ok, the trip actually concludes on the Spring Equinox)!

I will be teaming up again with RawFlora this year for a one time only Costa Rican adventure, and have a limited amount of space available for those who want to have a special experience at the tail end of this year's winter!

As you can probably tell, I am an avid "foodie" so I have made sure there will be an abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables, wild fish and seafood, as well as local goat milk and cheese!  And one of my favorites, fresh water coconuts to drink all day long!  We will have an experienced chef on hand to prepare our meals, and keep us fueled up for our exciting and dramatic daily excursions!

Costa Rica

Our lodge sits directly on a private tropical beach, where the Noni trees grow abundantly to meet the gentle lick of the Caribbean Sea.  Each day is packed with truly exciting adventures, from visits to cacao plantations to white water rafting down a deep jungle river, from a forest canopy eco adventure to visits with the local shaman for healing jungle herbs.  All this will be supported by our outdoor training with Tai Chi Master Dr. Bob Bacher (He trained extensively in China, and has taught Tai Chi for over 40 years)!

This is the Life Affirming New Year Resolution trip you have been quietly desiring, and this is your chance to make it a reality!  Come play with us in paradise as we explore the bounty of the PachaMama (Mother Earth)!

All of the trip details are available here!  There will be just one tour, and space is extremely limited, so please contact us immediately at to reserve your space!

While I get to meet so many of you out on the road when I am teaching around the world, this is our chance to spend a full week together, exploring the wonders of this beautiful planet!  I look forward to meeting you, and the special few who attend!

See you there!