David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, and Daniel Vitalis Make a Smoothie Spoof!

Whats the World's Best Kept Health Secret???

Being able to laugh at yourself!  Let me explain...

This week has been full of just that kind of laughter!  For the last couple of weeks myself and several good friends and great acquaintances have been working together diligently to get the word out about the 16 DVD set that was filmed last September at the Longevity Now Conference in Costa Mesa, CA.  There has been a friendly rivalry going on, and a few of us decided to take it as far as we had to in order to bring the most attention to these DVD's.  It sort of turned into an informal contest, and I was determined to win...

It all started last week with my team and I brainstorming about how we could get people's attention.  I needed to do something out of the ordinary, something bold and hilarious.  This is what I came up with, and if you haven't seen it yet, I would love to hear your opinion.

My girlfriend Ali, my operations manager and brother Kaleb, and my Best Friend and Business Partner LeighLon and I then spent several hours posting this video to everyone we could think of in our social networks.  It was a huge hit, and got a few thousand views in its first 24 hours!  People were loving it, but the competition was swarming and before we knew what to do, several other videos popped up. It was our friends and colleagues trying to out-do us (special thanks to Jason Wrobel and Ron Obadia) with videos of their own!

We went back to the drawing board.

I needed something fresh, something bold, something that would send ripples coursing throughout the health-minded community...  I had an idea, but would this be going to far?  Was what I was about to do; was I crossing the boundary?  Did I even dare?

No...  I couldn't, I didn't.  I was going to back down.  I was defeated.

Then, suddenly I was flooded by a deluge of emails.  It was my friends from the Longevity Now Conference.  They wanted to know if I, Daniel Vitalis, was the kind of person to retreat into shadow, to fall sullenly into obscurity, or would I rise like the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes of video doldrums to deliver the masterpiece that the world had been waiting for?

Text messages from my close friends David Wolfe and Chef Frank Giglio started rolling in.  They told me that I had until midnight to get something onto youtube, if I was to regain my honor.  It was 9 p.m., and time was running out.  I had just a mere three hours to make some magic.

The few hours that followed are little more than a blur, and if it wasn't for the record kept in the footage I am about to share with you, I would't have believed that it even happened.  None the less, it will now be immortalized forever.

What follows is a spoof of myself, David Wolfe, and Matt Monarch all hanging out in my kitchen making the "Longevity Now Conference 16 DVD Set Superfood Tonic Elixir Smoothie"...

I play all of the parts, and keep in mind that this was made on an extreme time budget.  Each character had to be filmed separately and I had to shave between each filming session.  I can hardly believe this is real....

So, what's the message here?  Is there a message?

Please allow me to summerize.  For years now the three of have worked seperately and together in the same general arena and field.  Each of the three of us represent extrememly driven and productive individuals. Each of us has spent countless hours employing personal development strategies to fulfill the blueprints for who we truly are and what we want to share with the world.  Though each of us is very different, there is a common theme that we all agree on, and that is wanting to see a healthier, more peaceful, and more beautiful world for everyone.

As public speakers and figures, there is a tremendous amount of pressure placed on us from all directions, as this is the nature of the work that we do.  It can be so easy to find and focus on the differences in what each of us is teaching and if we are not careful, to allow ourselves to be divided by it.  It is easy to lose sight of the obvious; that we are all friends and working together toward a common goal.  The differences between us are beautiful and healthy, and ultimately what make this whole ride so much fun.

I think of it like this, imagine that David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, and I all walked into a restraunt together (ok, what restraunt would that be?  I guess this is hypothetical).  Each of us orders something different from the menu, something that is suited our own unique taste, preference, whim, and health goals.  The fact that we ordered different dishes does not mean we are in nutritional opposition to one another.  It does not mean we are contending with one another, and certainly doesn't affect our friendship or support of eachother.  None of us would be wrong for what we ordered, it is just a menu after all.  We can each enjoy our meal together over laughter and appreciation for each others company.

A second message I have embedded into this video is the following:  Don't take life or yourself too seriously.  Ever.

All three of us are so focused on creating the life that we desire, each of us so good at what we do, that we have all become characters as archetypical as those found in the pages of a comic book.  This deserves to be laughed at sometimes...  It's funny.

David the globetrotting shamanic mad scientist, Matt the California beach boy turned South American land owner, Me the elven borreal forest primitive locavore.  This is the stuff comedy is born of!  Each of us is simply bringing forward the health strategy that has fueled our unique missions and passions, and each of us does this in our own unique style.  Our work is the distillation of years of study and practice, and we could be celebrating the diversity that this has created.

There are times when we all come together for work and play, and when we do, all of these apparent differences are set aside.  We are friends first and foremost, and we know the value of love and laughter.

You the reader may have encountered some of the harassing internet trolling that each of us has had to endure.  There are those online who do take this far too seriously and are constantly leveling accusations, and cruel and harsh words against us.  They take our work and contort it in an attempt to make a mockery of us.  What is funny to me, is the way that these people seem to do this as a near full time job!  They are so obsessed, and take it all so seriously that they have committed their lives to displaying hatred and spewing vitriol, claiming that their way, their method, their diet, is the only viable truth.  This video is a message to those people.  It says "You can never make fun of us better than we can of ourselves!", and that living without humor in your life is more than ugly, it is unhealthy and violates one of realities prime directives.  Honestly, I feel sorry for people like that, people who are too closed down in their hearts to display the lightness of being that initiates human bonding.  It seems like a cold way to live, and very, very lonely.

Though people may at time level criticisms against us, I ask that you imagine this.  Imagine the fearlessness it takes to put yourself out there to the world.  Imagine what it takes to make videos, write books, travel the world getting in front of hundreds and thousands of people to share a message of hope and healing in a world so full of suffering and destruction.  It takes a lot, and it is not always easy.

To those who have supported us all these years, THANK YOU.

Oh, and one other thing, a message to the haters...  I am making a joke about the sales of this DVD for this reason alone.  I don't understand why there are people who are critical of me or anyone in my field for being a business person.  How would I be able to do what I do if I otherwise had a full time career doing something else?  Also, I feel the need to point out the obvious here: People buy products from myself or my colleagues because we carry extremely good products, products that help people.  People choose to purchase these products because they add value to their lives and health, and because they feel good about putting their money back into the economic networks that support what they believe in.

We exist as businesses because we carry things that people want.  That should be obvious, though there are those that detract from this.  Perhaps it is because they make their money in ways they are not so proud of.

The businesses that each of us run are beautiful, thriving, life promoting operations and each of them is working to support the vision that each of us share for the world.  My company, SurThrival, is my contribution to peoples health and healing and is my way of operating economically in a world that demands this of me.  I am proud of the work that I do there, and of the people that this business supports.  David Wolfe and his Longevity Warehouse exists to support peoples health and developement, and is critical to keeping the message alive and available.  I am proud to work with him.  Matt Monarch has ceaslessly brought more and more products to us at his Raw Food World, and runs one of the tightest ships I have ever seen.  I am proud to work with him.

In closing, I want to say this.  The Longevity Now Conference DVD's are amazing.  I feel very good about sharing these with you because I know how much quality information they contain, and how diverse that information is.  Each speaker is very different from the others, and holds a piece of information that could be the piece that you are looking for.  These DVD's are not for the dogmatic; they are for the open minded and adaptable!  One of those DVD's is dedicated to the talks that I gave at the conference, and is the information that is most on my heart and mind now.  I truly hope that you get the chance to watch these, as this is why I do what I do.  I believe in their value.

If you would like to get yourself a set, click here now!

Also, I will be at the Longevity Now Conference in April (1st-3rd), and will be making tickets for the upcoming conference available soon...  So...  Stay tuned, I might just be forced to top this last video!