Eden Hot Springs! October 6th-10th, 2010

Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreat! October 6th through the 10th, 2010

This is by far the most exciting event of the year for me! There is no other place on Earth that leaves me feeling so connected to the Land and to the Elements!

For many years now I have visited this oasis of the Sonoran desert, and it has been (by far) the most trans-formative location of my life.

Up until now these retreats have been a collaborative effort of my teachers and mentors David Wolfe and Kerri “Dancing Butterfly”.  They have facilitated the transformation of the countless people who have attended (myself included!).

This is infact where my very first YouTube video was recorded, and the place where I began my career.

Now a new generation is taking up the call of stewarding this unique piece of Earth. Joy Light and Rebecca Astara are putting on this year’s event, Epic EdenHotSprings! I will be leading a tour of the Sacred grounds of Eden, visiting along the tour the six geo-thermal hot springs that spot the land. I am honored to share my knowledge and experience of my many years of visiting this land, with all of the retreaters!

This Oasis is beyond description, but let me attempt!

When standing on the hill, the high point of the property, surrounded by the 360 degrees of Arizona Mountains, looking down at the valley, the magick of this place becomes clear. The Sonoran desert is one of the harshest, driest environments on the planet. Yet, this oasis is green and lush, surrounded by inhospitable gravel-strewndesert.

It all begins with a small pool known as “The Source”. This sacred spring spills over and runs into the “Guitar Pool”, which is, as you may have guessed, shaped like a guitar! It is also known as the "Goddess Pool", because the pool imitates the curvy shape of a Woman's body. This is my favorite pool for soaking, as it is the quietest and most… sanctified.  All around it salt crystals grow right up out of the ground, dusting the area like a fresh snow!

This water runs down past a pool known as the “Emerald Pool” which is much hotter than the guitar pool. This pool is brilliantly green with exotic flora, and feeds down into the most popular pool, “Geronimo”!  This pool is named after the Apache Warrior who led the final free indigenous natives in the war against the early US!

And yes, he and his warriors really used this spring for healing and rejuvenation!

It is his, and the Apache spirit that is felt so strongly here!

Epic Eden

This pool feeds down into the “Goddess Pool”, a hot spring pool the size of an Olympic swimming pool!  Swimming, bathing, or even just floating here is a truly unique and indescribable experience! It is less hot and more like tepid bathwater... I enjoy this pool for exercise and play!

This will be a time of powerful healing and lifelong transformation for all who attend. There will be many amazing work/play shop facilitators, body workers, and many new and old friends…Morning Yoga, Sun Gazing, Spring Water…. It is a chance to immerse yourself in the Temple of the Elemental!

Oh, and did I mention the food? The wonderful Chocolatree Cafe, based out of Sedona, will be preparing the food and overseeing the kitchen! Business partners Jen Warr of Chocolatree Cafe and Kelly Johnson of Sedona Superfoods, in combination come together to provide for us at the retreat this fall. They are a business of high integrity, bringing us the most top notch organic vegetarian cuisine! Each meal they serve up is delicious, nutritious, and uniquely prepared. Their cafe in Sedona is definitely the hot spot of the area and is a must visit while going through that town!

The experience of Eden is always hot, sunny, fiery energy… Burning off the old to make room for the new. The springs are so deeply nourishing, and there is always a view of the stars like few have ever seen. Soaking in these waters in the cold desert night looking deep into space is a gift that few ever give themselves!

Visit here to find out more about the retreat, and here to learn about all of the amazing facilitators for this epic retreat!

For me it is a place where I shed yet another layer of domestication and re-member what it means to be human.

And so my Road takes me West….

You coming?

~ Daniel

Join us ~ October 6th-10th, 2010 for this Epic Experience of a Lifetime!