New Video Series on Youtube

In giving thanks for your continued support and positive feedback here on the site and for Daniel's work in general, we figured it was about time to upload a full lecture for you!!! One of things I love most about Daniel's information is that it it always evolving and dynamic. He studies and lives the concepts he teaches and is forever seeking a greater understanding of what it means to achieve and maintain the highest level of health we can. His most recent work being what he likes to call 'Indigenous Nutrition & Physical Evolution' ... the base concept being that of acknowledging how many indigenous cultures seem to be physically and genetically superior to where we are now as a species, and that it would be wise to investigate why this is true.

Enjoy this 6 part video series that covers a full lecture given by Daniel during his event tour of California this past February, 2010.

Visit the SPEAKEASY PROMOTIONS YOUTUBE CHANNEL to view the rest of the vids, and please post your comments, feedback and questions because we LOVE them! Thanks again for all your support! ~Sarah Maria (SpeakEasy Promotions)