Wilbur Hot Springs ~ A Water Like No Other!!!

Wilbur Hot Springs with Daniel Vitalis
Wilbur Hot Springs with Daniel Vitalis

I am just back from a month on the road, touring and teaching across California!It is constantly amazing to me, being from the east coast, just how geologically active that part of the world is!

My trip began in Hollywood and ended at Mt Shasta, and this trip if done right is something like a spiritual pilgrimage! Along the way I made a point to visit as many HotSprings as I could find, and each one had its own unique qualities and properties. Not all Springs are created equal, and I must say, of all I visited while there one stands out in my mind.

Daniel Vitalis in the source
Daniel Vitalis in the source

Wilbur Hot Springs! Just 2.5 hours North East of the Bay, this is a great place to take a break from city living, or for anyone who loves to Spring Jump around the World!  This Water is Raw, Alive, and untreated, and flows into the pools (the "fluminarium" as this style is called) just as they flow from the Earth.  There is a bit of a cooling that is allowed before they enter the pools so as to prevent serious burns, but no chlorination, ozonation or any other denaturing technology is used!

This is a truly unique source, rich in both Sulfur and Sodium Chloride, as well as....  something unidentified.  I am guessing it is a naturally occurring Petroleum Oil of some kind.  It leaves a silky coat on your skin, and adds dramatically to the exotic experience of Wilbur's enchanted grounds.

There is a 140 degree F hotspring geyser that erupts every 44 minutes, and over 1,800 acres of private nature preserve to explore.  The valley is totally concealed from civilization, and its nestled into its Napa Valley-like hills are the solar panels that power this off grid facility.

There is a gigantic public commercial sized kitchen, and as a guest you are given your own cupboard and refrigerator shelf.  This means that no matter what your diet you can take care of yourself in a very comfortable environment!

Also, unlike some of the other Hot Springs I visited in California, Wilbur has the feel of the Sacred without being the culty experience of some of the Hot Spring "churches" (legal spiritual communities) around the State.

The grounds have been decorated in a Zen theme that creates an ideal blank canvass for you to paint your own experience upon! In the gift shop they sell the dehydrated salts of the Waters there, which have now found their way into my kitchen at home!

Enjoy these videos, and visit these springs as soon as you can!

Be sure to check out the upcoming Eden Hot Springs retreat in Arizona April 28th through May 2nd, and if your ready join us in what is perhaps the most transformative environment on Earth!

Thanks as always for reading and for watching!