Stalking the Wild Chaga!

You have been asking, so here it is! My first Wild Mushroom foraging video!

One cold snowy day in New England I took my camera into the wilds in search of the Wild Chaga!

Inonotus Obliquus, the "Clinker" polypore...  better known as Chaga is by far my most favorite of the medicinal fungi.  You could call it a Totem for me.  For years I have been harvesting this prized medicinal from the Wilds, and now I will show you how you can too!

Chaga, like many of the Polypore Mushrooms, are extremely rich in the long chain Beta-Glucan sugars that have long been known to powerfully modulate the human Immune System.  While it has been used in many cultures, it is most well known for its value to the Siberians who have been the keepers of wisdom with regard to its immune enhancing and anti-cancer properties.

I consider it one of the true secrets of Invincible Health and Longevity!


More than that, I would say it is one of the Earth's greatest tonic adaptogens.  By this I mean it can be taken daily without and concerns of overdose.  It is completely nontoxic and increases our bodies ability to cope with a myriad of stressors.  Not just mental stress, but physical, emotional, and according to the reports of the ancients (in addition to my own experience) even those things that challenge us spiritually as well!

What's more, Chaga is the richest naturally occurring source of antioxidants found anywhere!  Thats right its ORAC is higher than blueberries, acai, and even cacao!  This is evidenced in the rich orange color of its interior flesh.

Chaga is found (almost) exclusively on birch trees, and despite that fact that there are some companies who have cultivated its mycelia artificially, is most potent and active when it is wild crafted. For those who cannot access it in the wild, SurThrival sells the worlds premium, double extracted, wild-crafted chaga powder.


These capsules are are extracted in both alcohol and hot water to yield the most complete medicinal preparation available anywhere.  These are a great value, and though I harvest my own, I still consume these on a regularly.  They are perfect when I am traveling and teaching, or anytime when making tea for 2 hours isn't an option.  I love to open the capsules and take the powder directly.

The taste is intense and reveals the potency of the formula!

In the coming video post I will be turning this harvest into a decoction (tea) and using it to prepare a superfood elixir!  The tea is so flavorful, and unlike most medicinal fungi it doens't have that charactorisitc mushroom flavor.  Instead it tastes like maple/vanilla!  It is a perfect base for blended drinks, and fully supports the path of personal adaptation and physical reclamation.

It is an ideal compliment to your re-wilding strategy!

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Thank you for sharing your time!  Your presence here is appreciated! ~Daniel