Bodybuilding Wild Chaga Protein Elixir

Hey Everyone! This is Sarah Maria and I'm really excited to have the opportunity to create this blog post today!

Daniel and I didn't want to leave you hanging for long without new information posted on the site but Daniel is unable to devote any time to his blog for a little while yet as he is on the road and busy spreading the word of Shamanic Nutrition in California! The tour is going great and there are several events left if your thinking you'd like to see Daniel do his thing live and in person!

These next 3 videos are the follow up from the last post entitled "Stalking the Wild Chaga".

The first video covers proper drying and storage of the Chaga mushroom and preparing a decoction, with the 2nd & 3rd videos being a detailed, step by step instruction on creating an Elixir, using the wild-harvested Chaga tea as a base.

As per usual, Daniel's delivery in these next 3 videos is flawless... Enjoy!


Daniel has a bit of an aversion to recipes..... preferring to teach the principles and process of ElixirCrafting and encouraging people to use their intuition and to create from their own unique palate, so it's a special treat that he measured everything this time and I was able to put together the recipe for you!

I'll let you watch the videos first though... the recipe is included at the bottom of the post.


The ElixirCraft Mastery Program is an excellent resource for understanding the concept and components of making liquid medicinal preparations and I recommend it to anyone who is embarking on the journey to Invincible Health!

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For those of us living in areas where Chaga is not readily available we can substitute the Chaga tea base with any medicinal teas we are currently working with, keeping in mind that the flavor may vary slightly... but not enough to make that big of a difference.

Bodybuilding Wild Chaga Protein Elixir

6 cups wild chaga decoction (tea) 1/2 cup soaked chia seeds 1/4 cup mesquite powder 1 cup wild blueberries 3 raw eggs 1/2 cup Sun Warrior protein powder 1/2 cup SurThrival colostrum 1tblsp raw butter (or other fat source) 3 guarana seeds 1tsp vanilla powder 1/3 tsp whole leaf stevia powder (or sweetener of choice) pinch of salt

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