You Can Harvest Wild Rice!

Ever wonder where Wild Rice comes from?

Arthur Haines
Arthur Haines

These are the final two videos from the series I shot with Arthur Haines, Botonist and Wild Foods Expert and Primitive Skills Master! When he wants to eat Wild Rice he doesn't go to the market or health food store, he goes to into the Wilds!

For much of the year Wild Rice has formed a significant part of my diet and I recommend it to my friends and clients often as a commercially available source of Wild Food!  For countless generations it served as a staple food crop to many indigenous peoples of North America.

Arthur and his crew harvest enough each season to last them through the year, and they process all of it by hand!  This is more than interesting, it is an education in how you can get started too!

Special thanks to both Arthur and the Maine Primitive Skills School for introducing me to him!  I will be taking part in a 3 day course this weekend with them on Winter Survival Skills, and I will be sure to get lots of great footage!

Also, there are just a few days left to grab your discounted tickets to Eden Hot Springs (seriously)!  Don't miss this chance to soak in these Wild Waters!

And, if you love Arthur let him know by leaving your comments!  If all goes well we will offer a foraging class sometime this summer!

Thank You for reading this and for all your support! This is for you! ~Daniel