This Guy Really Eats Wild Food!

Arthur Haines is not your average botanist!

I first met him 2 years ago at the Maine Primitive Skills Gathering...  He was dressed in buckskins and was winnowing wild rice in a pit he had dug in the ground...  I knew at that moment I had found someone I wanted to study with!

Arthur is truly a renaissance man.  He is a scientist, an author, a martial artist, a primitive skills master (He and his partner Nicole start all the fires for their wood-stove with a handrill!), and by far the greatest teacher that I have found for wild food foraging in my neck of the woods!


Every Year he leads seasonal foraging classes near his home in Maine. I took a 3 day course with him last summer and learned more in a few days than I had in years of study.  When it comes to plants, it is clear that Arthur has found his calling!

What's more is that he truly understands how to use the plants around him.  Whether for food, fuel, fiber, or building material, his skill set never ceases to amaze me!  What I appreciate most about his teaching style is the way he so effortlessly blends his modern western science background with his deep knowledge of the indigenous uses of the species around him.


It is an honor to present this video series to you!

These of course, are just the first of vids of the series so stay tuned to see the rest! And as always, leave some comments if you find this as inspiring as I do!

Thanks Arthur, and thanks to all of you who take the time! ~Daniel