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Are you stuck in a rut?  Ready for a change?

Want to feel connected again and re-member why you are here and what your purpose is?

Are you ready to explore the Wildness within?  Ready to meet people like you, people who share your visions, values, and goals?

I feel confident when I say that this is the adventure that you have been longing for!

We have secured a special offer for you, but it will only last for one week!  I know that sounds like clever marketing, but its true!  This is the only cash discount that will be offered for this event, so if you are feeling called, now is the time!

I am headed back to the Desert to visit the sacred healing springs of Geronimo, the Apache Warrior... Eden Hot Springs Arizona! The Epic Eden Hot Springs 2010 Spring Retreat is the place where you can truly express your Feral nature!

This is the spot where I fully express parts of myself that are hidden when I walk through the domesticated world!  A place where you can take off the mask and explore who you really are!

Not only is this the Party of the year, but what makes Eden so unique is that the focus here is on tribe, holistic living and multi-dimensional healing... Complete with Organic whole food, Healing Hotspring Water, and the vitalizing rays of the desert Sun, there is nowhere I would rather be this Spring!

Come cleanse with us..  physically, emotionally, mentally, and  spiritually in the height of the Spring bloom of the Sonoran desert! Reconnect to the Majesty of creation as the Milky Way fills the vast night sky high over head.

Eden Hot Springs
Eden Hot Springs

As a presenter at this epic event, I will be leading you across the land to teach the Secrets of Water at Eden's various desert Spring Sources.  We will explore the Mineral properties of the waters, and gather the natural salts that rise up out of the ground.

Not only will we explore the Element of Water, but also of Earth, Air, and Fire as well.  This retreat will be an immersion into the Elemental.  This is a place where each Element is so powerfully evident that it is almost like an alchemical laboratory...

The staff of this retreat are world class healer-practitioners who know the art of facilitating a most powerful, once in a lifetime journey!  Joy Light and Rebecca Astara, without a doubt, both masterfully wield the art of facilitating a transformational life experience for everyone who attends.

Each presenter and staff member has been consciously and specifically chosen to weave together an experience that will add value to your life for the rest of your days!

This is a crew that I have worked with many times, and this is more than just a retreat for us.  Eden Hot Springs is like our Temple, a place whose Hot Springs hold a sacred power.  A power that burns away the layers of false self that can sometimes accumulate on and around us.

It leaves behind a glowing new You, in a deep state of wonder, with a renewed vision, purpose, and clarity and personal power.  It is a place of renewal.

It is a place where I feel I can experience what it is like to live like a tribe on the land.  I feel indigenous and married to the elements.  There is no where else I feel more "connected".

Those who join us will be a part of our Eden Family forever.

From now until Sunday the 31st we can offer you this exclusive opportunity for $50 off of your ticket. Trust me, you want to be at this one!

Daniel Vitalis
Daniel Vitalis