Santa Clause and Psychedelic Mushroom Shamanism?

Ahhh...  Christmas.


I grew up attending Protestant schools.  I was taught the Story of Jesus and his birth.  This was of course complete with Three Wise Men, a Virgin, and Incense and Gold.

Simultaneously I was indoctrinated into the Strange Cult of Santa Clause.  He lives at the North Pole with Elves...  His Reindeer fly.

I was at once told that that the birth of the "Sun" of God was the reason for the holiday, and was to also Believe that this man was coming down my chimney (often we had no chimney).  How did this Jolly Bearded character from the North Pole fit into the story and why was he standing in for the "Sun" of God?

After years of de~programming and Meta~Programming my mind, I am preparing to Celebrate the Yule Time, or Winter Solstice.

This year that will occur December 21st at 1747 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  Yes I know, Green Witch...  that is interesting.

That is the moment of course where the Sun (of God) is the lowest in the sky that it can go (that by the way is called the "Tropic of Capricorn, and is the first day of the Zodiacal Sign of Capricorn), and it will remain at the Latitude for 3 days.  This of course ties into the 3 days of the "Sun of God" in "Hell" or the underworld, that is found in the Biblical Gospels.

We celebrate the birth of the "Sun of God" on the December 25th, because the Solstice (21st or 22nd, it changes year to year in our Calendric approximation of the Solar Year) + 3 days of the Sun at its low point in the sky equals December 25 or Christ~Mass, the day  the Sun (of God) is "Born".

This day has always been Sacred to Humans and in all cultures, as our species civilizations have eternally charted the Sun, Moon and Stars.

So...  Wait!!!  What does that have to do with is Santa Clause,  and what does he have to do with Christmas?

Wow was I ever shocked when I found out...

Here is a little clip from the DVD "Invincible Health" that I created with Superfood Speakeasy. In the clip I am letting the audience in on The Secret!  Santa Clause is about Getting High!


Interesting!  What Now?