Plastic Balls in the LA Drinking Water?!!!

LA Black Plastic Water!
LA Black Plastic Water!

Is this really real?  Are they Serious? This is an article in the NY Times about LA's completely ridiculous SCI-FI band-aid fix to their continuing Water supply contamination issues!  You have got to see this to believe it! This is the level it has gone too!

Last I checked, doesn't plastic "photo-degrade"?

For a few years now I have been Extremely Devoted to sharing a unique message about our drinking Water.  It is my belief after much experience and research that Water, like food, is best when it has not been "processed".

To many this seems like a strange idea at first, and this is because we have been predominantly taught a chemical (chemistry) understanding of Water (H2O) rather than the  Geological/Biological and Crystallographical of Water.  Today many of us are waking up to the fact that there is a difference between water Chemical "Purity" and it overall "Quality".

Spring Water
Spring Water

For this reason Myself and so many Friends and Allies have taken up a Quest, the Quest for Living Spring Water!  We have been collecting all of our Drinking Water directly from the aquifers of healthy eco-system via clean, pure, high-quality uncontaminated Springs!  Click here to visit my user built Spring Water DataBase to find spring sources in your area! Big shout out to Heidi and Justing Ohlander for their epic work in putting that sight together!  The sites data base is built by you, so if you know a spring in your area, click submit and post it there!

Check out the Video section here on my website (and search "Daniel Vitalis" on YouTube) to see what I have to share about Water, and here is a great documentary, called "Water, the Great Mystery", detailing much of what I am saying regarding the difference between Water "Purity" and Water "Quality".

Most exciting to me is the project I am launching with Bryan Pullen of  Summit Spring in Harrison, Maine!  We will be the first in Modern History to bring Raw, Unprocessed, Unfiltered, Pure and Sustainably Harvest Free~Flow Spring Water to the Market Place!  We are very close to launching so stay tuned!  I fully believe that Raw Water will reshape the way the world sees Water!

The point I would most like to make is this...  It is time to have a secure and reliable Drinking Water Strategy in place.  The Water that most Humans are drinking today is not fit for Life~Forms.  When cities have to start filling their resevoirs with black plastic balls to block sunlight from making the water carcinegenic, it is time to wake up!

I have offered two solutions.  One, locate and use the local Spring Water Sources around you.  This is the purpose of Second, by supplying the market place with the first unprocessed Raw Living Spring Water, it is my intention to bring awareness to an issue that has been all but swept aside.

It is time to be made out of Clean Healthy Water.  Our very SurThrival on planet Earth depends on it! It is time to have a secure drinking Water supply for you and your loved ones!  It is time for a Strategy!

What do you think/feel?

~Daniel Vitalis