Help Us Build "Find A Spring" in 2010!

Are You Drinking Raw Living Spring Water???


First, I just want to personally Thank Everyone who helped us build Find A Spring over the course of 2009!  Also, a Very Special Thanks to Heidi and JS from Raw Food Right Now, who have helped me build this Wonderful Free Re-Source!

Lets make it even Bigger, even Better, in 2010!  When you find new Springs, click submit on the site, and enter Your Source!

The website is doing Great, and is becoming the re-source ('source' is the French word for Spring) for those of us who Love to drink Raw Living Spring Water! Lets do what has never been done before!  Lets create a place where Everyone, Around the World can find access to Fresh, Clean, Charged Living Spring Water for Free!  Direct from the Source.  I envision a day where anyone can access Bubbling Springs anywhere they are by just visiting this Free Website!

In this time of World Wide Water Shortage, visiting Springs is a new option, one that so many people have overlooked.  Its not for everyone, but it might be for you (I bet it is)! I have personally found it to be the Single Most Transformative practice that I have ever undertaken.  Building my Blood from the blood of the Earth, unprocessed, unadulterated.  Going to the Earth, no intermediary, just me and the Mother!, Go to the Source!


P.S.    I have just put up a new FAQ on the site to answer your questions about Spring Water!  Let me know what you think of it!