Geronimo! Eden HotSprings Video Update!

Just got news of the next Epic Eden HotSprings Retreat!

The dates are April 28th to May 2nd!!!  You going?

Excited?  I am! This is one of my favorite places on Earth!


Check out this next video (and the ones before) to see more of the incredible, Completely Natural, GeoThermal Spring Sources on this Magickal piece of land!

Here you will see the legendary "Geronimo" Spring, named after the infamous Apache Warrior who shook history in his epic battles with the US and Mexican Armies in the late 1800's. (check out the Barrel Cactus to his left, we will look at these in an upcoming clip!)

His Spirit, the fighting spirit of the "Undomesticated Human" is as strong there as is that of the Sacred and Transformative Healing Waters.

Also, check out the "clay lick", or "mud pit" area which we use for mud wraps and detoxifying!

The "Red Man" spring is so hot that almost no one goes near it, but it is some of my favorite Wild Water to drink on the land!  In the video I explain how to passively cool it into cold drinking water.

This place really exemplifies the Rustic Beauty and Wild West History of the Desert SouthWest!

There's just nowhere like it on Earth!  Contact Joy and Rebecca if you would like to join us in April!

Hope to see you soaking!