Activation Across Arizona

First Ever Video of the Eden Hot Spring Source!

I have just returned form 21 days on the road in Arizona!

This was probably the highlight of my year, and we caught lots of it on video!

This first video is of the Source Pool of Eden Hot Springs, and the beautiful Salts that rise to the surface of the Earth there!  These Salts we are gathering are the ones that I have been eating since! I know you will enjoy this vid, which is the first in a series that charts our adventure across Arizona in November! ~Enjoy!


The Sonoran desert is like a second home for me, and visiting is something I have done annually for some time now.  This time we decided to put some footage together of some of the juicier parts of the experience! From Eden Hot Springs, the Sacred Grounds of the Apache, to the Vortex Capital of Sedona, and on to the Grand Canyon... There will be footage from talks that I gave, places we visited, and of course interviews with the many characters we met along the way!


I mentioned in the video above (part 2) that there were hotels built in the same era at sacred Springs across the continent where people would stay while visiting Springs over 100 years ago! Click HERE for the Summit Spring Hotel and HERE for the hotel that used to reside on the Epic Eden Hot Springs land and see for yourself just how similar they are!

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more videos from this series soon!