The Venus Pool @ Eden Hot Springs!

This is the Fourth and Final Post from the Epic Eden HotSprings video series!

Huge Thanks to Sarah Maria for all her help with this video and website!  She has been the instrumental force in the creation of this space, my DVD's and many other projects!  Big Love Sarah!

This next video shows off the "Venus Pool" at Eden and a few of the local wild plants, including mesquite pods, one of my favorite foods of this desert eco-system.

The Venus Pool is something truly unique.  It is a hotspring filled Olympic Sized swimming pool.  The Waters there are much cooler than the other sources on the land, and this is because the heat rises right off of its enormous surface area.  It represents a nice balance to some of the hotter pools on the property.

Because of the naturally occurring salts in the source, the pool, which is well over a persons head in the center, feels like a Womb of Embryonic Fluid.  In fact, is the perfect temperature and salinity for you to stand immersed with your eyes comfortably open.

This creates the rather unique experience that allows for deep neuro/muscular/fascial/osteo Release, Reformatting, and Meta-Programming!

Most nights while I am there I go down to this pool, swim out deep and do something akin to Free-Flow Underwater Tai Chi...  I make it up as I go, letting my Neurology dictate the movements.  I have explored movements that would be impossible on land, moving with the Saline Buoyancy like an astronaut on the Moon (or at least like one on the TV Moon Hoax Footage)

The water provides resistance in every direction, creating the most optimal exercise environment I have ever encountered!  Not just becase it is a good "work out", but also because it Fun and Feels Good, which is very important for optimal training!

Beyond that is the transcendental experience of this Pool.  Submerged in 500,000 gallons of the embryonic geo-thermal waters of this Sacred Spring Source beneath the desert sky in this Wilderness Oasis of the Sonoran, it is a challenge not to recognize and commune with the Life Force that animates all of reality.

I am headed back to Eden April 28th for the next adventure!  Hope you choose to be amongst the few blessed humans who ever get to experience this magickal location!