Adventure's in Texas

Daniel copy
Daniel copy

I just returned from Texas where I spent a week teaching and touring in Dallas & Austin!Thanks to Dallas Health Coach Susie Haces for all her help in coordinating these amazing events!

My best friend and business partner Seth Leaf and I arrived in Dallas and immediately were grabbed up by Susie and friends and taken an hour and a half out of town to visit the local springs!

I have to admit, I was impressed, and found these South West Springs to be much higher quality than I expected!  The TDS (total dissolved solids) were low, and the Water tasted great. Both spring locations and details can be found at FindASpring

My first lecture was in Dallas, and I was surprised and excited by the consciousness of the people who came.  Thanks Dallas for your open minds and wonderful support!

Next was a drive to Austin, with a quick stop at The Garden of the Ancients

This herbal shop specializes in ethnobotanicals, and I found a few goodies here. Check out these pics of some of the psychoactive plants from the grounds!

Spoke Friday night at the Daily Juiceon Duval St. (didn’t know there were three locations!  Oops! We finally we made it there after a few mishaps).  Thanks to Shaun Carroll and Dawn Davis for their support.  Their Café is awesome, and now they are carrying SurThrival products right there in Austin!

Saturday was Halloween, and in celebration of Samhain and the “WortCunning” (herbalism) of the witches, we held a 7 hourElixirCraft course!  This was so much fun!  I love to share this information.  You can learn more about ElixirCraft here!  What an honor to have Radio Show Host Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network attend!  I have talked with Patrick many times on his show (check the archives for shows we have done together), but this was the first time we have met in person. His show is great place to hear interviews with some of the most cutting edge and counter culture specialists around!

That night was a Halloween ElixirParty where we celebrated the Spirit of the Harvest! I didn’t have to dress up much....

Sunday was spent at Austin’s Barton Springs, outside in the Elemental, where I shared with a group about the Element of Water.  The crowd sat on the shore while I spoke for an hour and a half barefoot in the water…  To passers by we certainly looked a bit like a cult of sorts... I made a joke to one family about when we would begin the baptisms…  Ha!  They smiled politely as they quickly left!

vortex2 copy
vortex2 copy

Craig Allen brought out this Water Vortexerthat was based on some of my earlier work!

It is definitely an improvement on the plastic bottles that I had been using.  I am eagerly awaiting the one they are building for me!

We flew out the following day, headed home for New England. I admit it…  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Texas… and I was more than pleasantly surprised!  Austin and Dallas were both incredibly supportive communities of conscious and positively influenced folks!  To all of you who came out, THANK YOU!

cancerbrain copy
cancerbrain copy

Oh, wait!  Here is by far the craziest thing I saw in Texas…  Maybe the craziest thing that I have seen ever!!!  While I was at Suzie’s place, the doorbell rang.  When I opened it, it was a woman delivering a package… here is what I saw!!! Talk about EMF exposure!  Thought is might be a Halloween costume, but alas…  she was serious.

All pictures in the below slideshow are courtesy of Dallas Health Coach ~ Susanne Haces