Prima Materia

Magical Water
Magical Water

Water is the principle feminine Element...

The molecular pattern that alone gives rise to terrestrial life,

And beyond, even unto the stars themselves.

The Hexagonal Repligram that is the Connective Communication Matrice.

That enigma that supported the feet of the Christ.

That is the river Euphrates, that is the river Nile, the Amazon, the Mississippi, Colorado... That is Niagra Falls.

That is the Blood of Gaia, that is 7 seas, 5 oceans... That is the Polar ice caps... That is the source.

The fluid of every cell...  Every living cell..

Plant... Animal... Fungal... Every single Insect....every bacterium.

That is the stuff of every comet.

That is now known to exist in stars and even interstellar space.

That is in every square inch of atmosphere.

That floats within it in billowing cloud forms.

That is and has been present in every thought, every instinct and drama.

That was exhaled in every word that has ever been spoken... And that has been every tear.

That is and has always been... All connected, and storing in-formation, the Liquid Crystal.

Like an infinite hard drive... Though not "hard" at all. Soft and flowing...

She is the Akasha.

She is the Mother of Mothers.

Prima Materia...

AquaeMysteria... everandeverandever

~Daniel Vitalis