About Daniel


ReWild Yourself!

rewild | rē'wīld |

to restore to its natural undomesticated state.


Hi, I’m Daniel Vitalis.


I believe that in your heart resides the vigorous spirit of something wilder, something stronger, and something more brilliant than you have ever imagined. At the heart of each of your cells resides the ancient record of your DNA. It reaches back through the ages connecting you to each and every one of your ancestors, and to the wildness that existed in our species before the degenerative processes of domestication took hold.

Awakening that wildness is what fuels my passion for the work that I do! It’s why I have created this website and why I’m encouraging you to “ReWild Yourself!”

I’ve come to believe that all strength, all vigor, and all vitality emanates from the wildness of a thing. The further down the path of domestication we travel the more mal-adapted we become. Our health degenerates as does our will and our sense of purpose.

Perhaps it’s presumptuous, but I believe you would like to be healthier, more self-sufficient, more confident and more in control. I would like to help you achieve that. I teach an approach to lifestyle that can put us in touch with our instincts and our incredible powers of adaptability. I’ll never tell you what to do, but I will always remind you of what you already know, that a wild intelligence resides in your DNA.

My philosophy has helped thousands of people to rediscover their inner physician, their inner teacher, and that part of themselves that is free and independent to think, to feel, to perceive and to lead. It has worked for them and I believe it can work for you too.



Here you will find articles, interviews, and multi-media presentations that inspire you to look at things from a fresh — yet never “new” (remember it's ReWild, a 200,000 year old approach!) — perspective, all designed to awaken that wild sovereignty of old.



Thank you for being here, I’m excited to take this journey with you.

— Daniel Vitalis