Week 9 Audio Breakdown:

  • A New Path Book Club reflections
  • Dealing with the grief of awareness
  • Daniel shares on his recent trip to the Florida Keys
  • Daniel and Arthur answers your questions on:
    • Personal hygiene practices
    • Iodine and salt
    • Favorite types of alcohol
    • Pricing products and services that you are selling
    • Navigating relationships
    • Impacts of rewilding on future generations
    • Intelligence and ancestral living 
  • Discussing the elephants in the room
  • 11 Signs of Grief
  • The Seven Fires Prophecy
  • The gifts of hunter gatherers
  • Conservation through use
  • Submerging into the wild mindset
  • Gauging our progress

Week 9 Resources:


Week 8 Audio Breakdown:

  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Technology and children
    • Leaving planet earth
    • Entheogen use
    • Navigating feelings of anxiety, disgust, superiority, guilt, etc. after reading chapter on awareness
    • Gender roles and patriarchy
  • Inclusivity vs exclusivity in ReWilding
  • Sustainability defined
  • Green purchasing guidelines
  • The truth about recycling
  • Clothing
  • The largest crop in the United States
  • Primitive technologies
  • Becoming a steward of fire
  • Building shelter vs assembling shelter
  • Containers and cooking vessels from the landscape
  • Binding the world together
  • Foraging
  • Hunting and perfect form
  • Clothing from skin
  • Essential skills for Northeastern wild living
  • NeAaboriginal strategy for engaging in primitive technologies

Week 8 Resources:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of fire:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of shelters:

Important “Print Elders” on the topics of baskets, buckets, and pots:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of cordage:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of foraging:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of hunting weapons and stone tools:

Important “Print Elders” on the topic of clothing:


Week 7 Audio Breakdown:

  • Maple tapping
  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Dry brushing to activate the lymphatic system
    • Rewilding your feet
    • Research best practices: finding quality studies and vetting information
    • Thermoregulation in babies/toddlers
    • Navigating an intense black fly season
    • Creating trails on land
    • Mate selection and inbreeding in hunter gatherer groups
    • Change in motivations to rewild over the years
    • Entheogenic influence
    • Striking decent balance between the benefits of both the fragilis system and the feral human
  • Experiencing real community
  • Community defined
  • Benefits of engaging in community
  • Survival of those with the most cooperative connections
  • Gender equality
  • The need for ceremony
  • The loss of the elder and rise of the younger
  • Finding your gift
  • Moving closer to real community in your life


Week 7 Resources:


Week 6 Audio Breakdown:

  • Eating predators
  • On Gender
  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Scarcity of foraging food sources
    • Storytelling
    • Best times of day to eat
    • Getting quality sleep when you work night shifts
    • Raising sovereign children
    • Menstruation in hunter-gatherers
    • Optimizing your water strategy when there is no spring close by
    • Walking barefoot in winter
    • Paleo, carbs and ketosis
  • Moving lymph fluids
  • Persistence hunting
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • The issues with going to the gym
  • Modern footwear and atrophy
  • Movement variety
  • Expanding comfort zones
  • Adapting to temperature changes
  • Getting outside in inclement weather
  • Phytochemical hormesis
  • The value of calorie restriction
  • Strengthening through hormesis


Week 6 Resources:


Week 4 Audio Breakdown:

  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Thoughts on Dr. Gerald Pollack’s Exclusion Zone Water
    • Microwaves and driving to get spring water vs. filtered tap water
    • Thoughts on the role of permaculture in ReWilding
    • How essential oils fit into the plant medicine picture
    • How hunter gatherers discovered plant medicine
    • Effects of sauna use on our body’s natural oils
    • Practical tips to find local places to forage wild foods
  • Sensory competent adults
  • Water Hemlock and Wild Carrot
  • Tracking
  • Bird language
  • The 7 truths of domestication
  • The 7 points of awareness
  • Benefits of nature immersion
  • Indigenous sleep practices
  • Earthing
  • Spiritual awakening
  • NeoAboriginal strategies for being wild and connecting with nature


Week 4 Resources:



  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Ancestral cooking practices
    • Ancestral fasting practices
    • Bitterness in foods
    • Thoughts on vaccinations
    • Children and Lyme ticks
  • On the topic of gender in ReWIlding
  • Local waterways
  • Thinking of rivers as a long person
  • Fluoride and chlorine in tap water
  • Potential issues with well water
  • Wild water at the source
  • The true role of medicine
  • Modern resistance to herbal medicine
  • Cancer
  • Plant and fungal allies
  • Entheogen’s
  • What’s coming up next in the A New Path Book Club




Week 2 Audio Breakdown:

  • Thoughts on virtual community
  • Daniel and Arthur answer your questions on:
    • Wage slavery
    • Why we became domesticated
    • Our ancestral epigenetic debt
    • Thermoregulation strategies for people with Raynauds disease
    • Thoughts on Weston Price
  • Inter-generational health
  • Veganism is a religion
  • Gene expression
  • The intimacy of eating other life forms
  • Teaching kids about where their food comes from
  • Eating from a nutrient perspective vs. eating from a landscape perspective 
  • Traits of hunter gatherer diets
  • Cultivated plants persisting in the wild
  • Are grains bad?
  • The truth about cholesterol
  • Conscientious sunlight exposure
  • 10 Practices to Restructure Your Diet


Week 2 Resources: